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Delhi govt to review solar policy, approved earlier

Policy states that all government buildings must generate 5 kW or 15 % of the sanctioned load

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 24 2016 5:21PM | Updated Date: Jun 24 2016 5:21PM

Delhi govt to review solar policy, approved earlier

Delhi government to review the solar policy, approved three weeks earlier regarding installation of solar panels in all the government buildings same as the clause of installing solar panels in government buildings is being revisited by the power department. It is all because of that the policy is yet to be notified, claimed sources.


While the policy makes it mandatory for all government buildings to install solar plants on their rooftops within a period of three years, it is the size of a rooftop which is being intensely discussed.


The approved policy states that all government buildings with a minimum shadow-free rooftop area of 50 sqm must generate 5 kW or 15 per cent of the sanctioned load.


“Various departments have suggested that the minimum shadow-free rooftop area be increased as many believe that 50 sqm is too small a space for a solar plant to feed 15 per cent of the electricity consumption of the building,” said a senior official.


However, the power department, which prepared the final solar policy after the Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi came up with its draft, opines that the clause must stay.


“A 50-sqm shadow-free space is enough to produce 4-5 kW of solar power. The minimum cap must not be increased because then a major chunk of government buildings will go out of the purview of mandatory installation of solar systems,” said an official.


Meanwhile, the Delhi government has tied up with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for another project wherein energy efficiency of all its buildings in the Capital is being audited.


For the first phase of the project, 50 government buildings have been identified, which will be audited by BEE including Public Works Department office, Vikas Bhawan, Delhi Technological University and Delhi Secretariat.