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Ranchi Is Geared Up to Tackle Drought, says DC

Policy Pulse speaks to Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi Manoj Kumar from on different issues

Maushmi Sinha
Publish Date: Apr 26 2016 12:40PM | Updated Date: Apr 26 2016 12:40PM

Ranchi Is Geared Up to Tackle Drought, says DC

Heading administration in a State Capital amid myriad odds and challenges calls for a cool approach and a discerning mind. It is often said that the bureaucrats placed at key administrative posts in the Capital work on the razor’s edge. More so, since they are expected to deliver on a large front ranging from maintenance of peace and law and order, welfare of people, smooth traffic, providing civic amenities and tackling vested interests and even mafia besides other sensitive issue. Maushmi Sinha spoke to the Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi Manoj Kumar from the Indian Administrative Service on different issues. Excerpts from the talk: 

What are the major problems the district is facing and how do you plan to solve them?
Acute water crisis both in urban and rural sector is the main area of concern for the district. Our major thrust remains on how to fight the shortage of water and emerging drought like situation in rural areas. The administration has opened its coffers and has recently cleared a proposal of Rs 13 crore for Municipal Corporation to ensure drinking water in the city and another Rs 2 crore has been sanctioned to disaster management cell to streamline the water woes of rural areas. All blocks have been issued necessary instructions to keep tab on the situation. A massive awareness campaign is on to disseminate the importance of rain water harvesting, and recycling of water. Infrastructural development is also in the focus. Employment through MNREGA and other 17-18 social security scheme is planned to be roll out to stop the migrations in case such a situation arises due to inadequate water availability.
There is scarcity of land in Ranchi. The land mafia are active and often innocent people are made target by the mafia. What are you doing to save unsuspecting people who may become victim because of the way most land deals take place?
Land dispute and the alarming rise in scuffles, shootouts, bloodshed, and organised murder used to hog the limelight but not now. The upgradaing of revenue department and other changes have turned out to be very useful in checking the growing crime menace connected with land and real estate. Ranchi can boast to be the first district in the country which has completely digitalised revenue department. Buyers and sellers can have an access to online mutation in all the four circles of Ranchi. Mutation and registration have been linked and online receipt of tax that is generated for plots. The numbers of SAR (or Scheduled Areas Regulatory) courts have increased. Unlike the past registering authority has been empowered to verify the proprietorship of the plot. All the new practise in the system can go a long way in minimising the chances of foul play.

Traffic and commuting in Ranchi is becoming a nightmare. The numbers of vehicles are increasing everyday. How are you going to tackle this? Can an odd even system like Delhi be used in ranchi?
Whether Ranchi is deemed to be fit for the odd even system or not is the Government’s prerogative to decide. A district does not have any say in strategic and policy decision. Although the administration is alert and has the feel of the pain of a common commuter who are forced to brave out their way (through bottlenecks) during the peak hours at snail’s pace. It needs a long term solution. The registration of vehicle has recorded an unprecedented upswing but number of roads and infrastructure has not improved by an iota. The IDFC (or Infrastructure Development Finance Company) Study has suggested for introduction of mono rails. Detailed Project Reports or DPRs are being prepared for mono rail on two routes and for a few flyovers. The administration follows the High Court’s ruling in PIL or Public Interest Litigation filed by Rajnish Mishra vis-a-vis controlling polution. A decision to limit and allot fixed permit to auto, colour coding, pollution checks, and introduction of e-rickshaw are already into effect to ensure that the commuters get some relief.
The trafficking and trade of tribal girls is a real threat. It remains unchecked. What initiative do you think to take to counter the menace?
Migration has been a challenge ever since the state was carved out. There are many social and administrative causes which trigger off exodus of tribals, particularly the girls, is well known to all. However the administration is committed and working in tandem with the police. The police act on the tip offs and administration is vigilant. The administration has come up with a rehabilitation centre of its own kind at Kanke Road to contain the large-scale migration. ICPS or Integrated Child Protection Scheme and child care plans are also on to combat migrations.
What are you doing for the tribal welfare?
Tribal welfare has been under the focus and on the priority of the State. District administration keeps watch round the year to facilitate and execute schemes and plans for tribal development run by the Government. No laxity and error in serving the tribal is the motto of the administration. Scholarship scheme from pre to post-matric is on for the tribal category to equip them with education. The tribal learners are entitled for a scholarship of upto Rs 50,000 a year.  They can have an access to Medical aid of Rs 10,000 per annum. Bicycle for the student of standard 8th, skill development and training under Van Vandhu Scheme, tribal schools, preserving cultural aspects, and prototype schemes are the other areas on which administration is working with alacrity.