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Goa declaration is ray of hope for NSG membership

The declaration during BRICS furthers case for our NSG membership bid, says India

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Oct 20 2016 1:45PM | Updated Date: Oct 20 2016 1:45PM

Goa declaration is ray of hope for NSG membership

BRICS summit enhances the chances for India to be a part of NSG member. Through the meet, the government did manage to generate a favorable response to India's NSG membership bid.


Top government sources said it was at India's insistence that the declaration included a paragraph saying nuclear energy was going to play an important role in allowing some BRICS nations to meet their Paris climate change agreement commitments.


"We recognize that nuclear energy will play a significant role for some of the BRICS countries in meeting their 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement commitments and for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions in the long term," said the declaration.


"In this regard, we underline the importance of predictability in accessing technology and finance for expansion of civil nuclear energy capacity which would contribute to the sustainable development of BRICS countries," it added.


While the Goa Declaration does not in any way dilute China's position that India can't join NSG as a non-NPT signatory, it does underscore the significance of India's bid before it comes up for reconsideration in a possible NSG meeting next month, said the official.