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Satellite GSAT-18 successfully put into orbit

Rocket lifted off from Kourou (French Guiana) spaceport on Thursday morning

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Publish Date: Oct 6 2016 11:56AM | Updated Date: Oct 6 2016 1:44PM

Satellite GSAT-18 successfully put into orbit

 An Indian communication satellite GSAT-18 was successfully put into orbit by Ariane 5 rocket which belonged to French company Arianespace on Thursday, Indian space agency said.

Rocket lifted off from Kourou (French Guiana) spaceport on Thursday morning.
As per Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) its Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka took control of GSAT-18 and performed the initial orbit raising activities by firing the motors onboard the satellite.
The satellite was placed in a circular geostationary orbit, ISRO said.
The 3,404 kg satellite will provide services in normal C-band, upper extended C-band and Ku-bands of the frequency spectrum.
It carries Ku-band beacon to help in apointing ground antennas towards the satellite.
Its designed in-orbit operational life is about 15 years.
"It is now the fifth time this year that ArianeA5 has performed flawlessly, and this launch celebrates as well its 74th success in a row, now equalling (that of the predecessor) ArianeA4," Arianespace's Chairman Stephane Israel was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the company.
The Ariane 5 rocket, apart from the Indian communication satellite, put into orbit Australian Sky Muster II satellite.
Carrying 12 transponders in Ku-band and another 24 in C-band, GSAT-18 will provide telecommunications services for India once in its final orbital location (74 deg. East).