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‘Pakistan exporting terrorism globally’ - PM Modi

'Let's Fight Against Poverty, See Who Wins,' PM's message to the neighbor country

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 25 2016 10:24AM | Updated Date: Sep 25 2016 1:09PM

‘Pakistan exporting terrorism globally’ - PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly addressed the people of Pakistan as he sent across a message by saying that they export the terrorism globally. He vows that India will never forget the Uri attack and soldiers' sacrifice won't go in vain.


PM was addressing party workers at BJP's national council meet in Kerala. In his first public speech since four terrorists sneaked into an army camp in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri and killed 18 soldiers, PM Modi challenge the neighbor country. 


He said, "I want to tell the people of Pakistan that we are ready to fight you. And If you have the courage, come, we'll fight poverty in our country and you fight in yours. Let's see who eradicates it first. Let's fight to eradicate employment."


He also warned, "The sacrifice of our 18 soldiers will not be forgotten. We will ensure that the international community works to isolate you." Prime Minister said, we would not bow to terror.


"110 terrorists have been killed by the Indian Army,terrorists have tried to strike 17 times recently, they were successful in only one incident," he said.


The two nations, the PM said, got Independence together, but "India exports software, you export terror". There was little the world expected from Pakistan's leaders, who read speeches written by terrorists, said PM Modi.