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2017: Opinion polls predict hung Assembly in UP

As many as 150 seats would slip out of Samajwadi Party's hand, Polls claim

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Publish Date: Sep 18 2016 8:24AM | Updated Date: Sep 18 2016 8:24AM

2017: Opinion polls predict hung Assembly in UP

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Uttar Pradesh seems heading towards a hung assembly in the next year. The "Mood of UP Survey" conducted by a monthly magazine 'Parliamentarian' suggests that the ruling Samajwadi Party seem to be losing terribly.


Magazine predicts by as many as 150 seats slipping out of SP’s hand. Prime cause is seems the continuous power war in party and another reason is that Bahujan Samaj Party is emerging as the single largest party, the opinion poll claimed. 


Spoils seats of SP would be shared by the BJP and the BSP, claimed the report. In the 403-member Assembly, the BSP, will gain 89 seats over the 80 seats it has now and the BJP 88 over 47 currently held. The Congress may end up with much less seats than they got in 2012 elections. 


Referring to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the survey said 39 per cent of the voters rate his performance as bad or very bad, while 33 per cent rate him average and 28 per cent voters say his performance has been good or very good.


Mayawati is leading the pack with 28 per cent of voters wanting her as the next CM. But Akhilesh is close behind with 25 per cent of popular votes. The BJP's most popular leader seems to be Varun Gandhi who closely follows Akhilesh with 23 per cent votes.