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India raise Balochistan right violantion issue at UN

India accuses Pakistan of human rights Violation, Baloch too protests outside the UN

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 15 2016 8:35AM | Updated Date: Sep 15 2016 8:35AM

India raise Balochistan right violantion issue at UN

India accused Pakistan of human rights violations in Balochistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and raised the issue of brutal authoritarianism in both the areas. India countered the neighbor country when Pakistan had approached the UN body over the unrest in Kashmir.

India strongly condemned Pakistan for the rights violations at the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. In a response, India said, "Pakistan is characterised by authoritarianism, absence of democratic norms and widespread human rights violations across the country including Balochistan."
India's ambassador to the UN, Ajit Kumar, also hit hard and said, “Pakistan is a hub for the global export of terror. The country is continuously found to perform illegal occupation of a large part of territory in Jammu and Kashmir.”
"Instead talking about India or anywhere else, Pakistan should focus on improving human rights situation within Pakistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir," said the ambassador during the Geneva meet.
On Tuesday, India had rejected the UN human rights chief's call to visit Kashmir. India said that the crisis in Kashmir was triggered by the death of a self-acknowledged commander of the terrorist organization and was aggravated by sustained cross-border terror from Pakistan.