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Getting desirable job in India: Not everyone's cup of tea

About 5 lakhs students in UP applied for the posts of sweepers and the number can rise to 7 lakhs

Publish Date: Aug 9 2016 3:56PM | Updated Date: Aug 9 2016 4:00PM

Getting desirable job in India: Not everyone's cup of tea

When we were children, we were always scolded by our guardians regarding our studies. We have always made familiar to the importance of studies in our lives. Undoubtedly, studies do play vital role in not just making ourselves mentally and monetarily independent but they also help in overall development of a child. 

Being a graduate in a feudal country like India is considered to be a great deal in some parts of it and being a post graduate is icing on the cake. 
But several incidences that have occurred recently make us believe that whole life what we have listened was perhaps a myth. 
Present job scenario or employment structure of India throws a big question in the face of education system of this country.
According to ‘’, recently, about 5 lakhs students in UP applied for the posts of sweepers and the number can rise to 7 lakhs. Interestingly, all of them were very well educated with graduate and post graduate degrees. 
In a similar kind of a case, in the Bhatinda district as many as 8,500 applications were received for 19 posts of class IV. The applicants were MBA, MCA degree holder.
This basically happens when a country fails to fulfill the demand of jobs and as a consequence well educated people are left with no other options but to jeopardize their degrees and caliber and grasp every opportunity that can provide them livelihood.
But why does it happen in India?
In several countries, there is a scheme that benefits the unemployed people by giving them ‘unemployment compensation’.
Unemployment insurance or unemployment compensation are social welfare payments made by the state or other authorized bodies to unemployed people. 
Unemployment benefits were introduced in Germany in 1927 and in most European countries in the period after the Second World War.
In United States, unemployment insurance originated in Wisconsin in 1932. 
Apart from these countries, in Australia, social security benefits, including unemployment benefits, are funded through the taxation system.
Interestingly, in our neighboring country China, the level of benefit is set between the minimum wage and the minimum living allowance by individual provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.
Perhaps due to fatty population of more than 121 crores, such schemes are missing in India, after all, in India, there are more people that are unemployed than those who are employed and get handsome salaries.
Nevertheless, India is presently in the phase where it has maximum number of young people aged between 10 and 24 and in coming years will be ready to join the race of job seekers.