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IAF plane goes missing over Bay of Bengal

The Indian Air Force plane had 29 on board which took off at 9am from Chennai air base

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Publish Date: Jul 22 2016 2:02PM | Updated Date: Jul 22 2016 2:02PM

IAF plane goes missing over Bay of Bengal

An Indian Air Force plane with 29 on board has gone missing in the Bay of Bengal. The plane AN-32 has taken off from Tambaram (Chennai) for Port Blair when it lost contact with radar. 


Indian Air Force's plane was en route to Port Blair, took off at 9am from Chennai's Tambaram air base and was on a routine weekly flight for Air Force personnel.


This is to mention that the Russian made AN-32 is considered to be one of the most reliable machines that the IAF has.


The aircraft has the ability to take off and land from small airstrips and nearly 100 AN-32s are in service with the IAF currently.


The Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard have launched a massive search operation to locate the missing aircraft. A full scale search and rescue operation is launched to monitor all the areas of Bay of Bengal.


One P8 I and 2 Dornier aircraft launched alone with 4 Indian Navy ships diverted to join in Search and Rescue operations in 200 knot mile from east of Chennai.