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Flood alert in Uttarakhand due to heavy rains

North India gears up for vigorous monsoon rains and post effects

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 17 2016 5:21PM | Updated Date: Jul 17 2016 5:28PM

Flood alert in Uttarakhand due to heavy rains

Rain in North India have already picked up pace in several parts. During last 24 hours, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh received heavy and continuous rainfall. The heavy showers indicating danger of flood. Heavy rainfall leads to water-logging in many parts of the states, causing distress to locals.

Many parts of these two states are already suffering from landslides, river overflow and thunderstorms. The rivers flowing across these regions could rise above the danger mark, making matters worse for the people.
Monsoon rains have hit hard Nepal as well, triggering flood-like situation. The flood waters have flow down the slopes from Nepal to the foothills of Uttar Pradesh. 
Government is taking necessary steps to control the situation caused due to heavy rainfall in U'khand stated Chief Minister Harish Rawat. Rain water enters houses following heavy downpour in the states. 
According to the local news channels in Haridwar, portion of newly constructed bridge caves in. The bridge is located near Hill Bypass road. Authorities saying the incident happened due to heavy rainfall which causes extreme traffic jam in the city.