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PM Modi empowers ministers of state

Now, the junior ministers will have a bigger say in decisions taken by the Ministries

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 15 2016 2:44PM | Updated Date: Jul 15 2016 2:44PM

PM Modi empowers ministers of state

Central government has instructed ministries to ensure that all issues are routed through ministers of state before they land on the Cabinet ministers' desk. The decision of new work allocation will help to speed up various works as the government reaches the half-way mark of its five-year term.


It is not the first time that the Central government has taken such decision. Earlier, the UPA government also took a move to empower ministers of state by assigning them important responsibilities.


In recent years, the role of most junior ministers was confined to answering a few Parliament questions, giving assurances and dealing with issues related to official languages or the northeast, leaving them with very little substantive work. Often, even bureaucrats did not take these ministers seriously. 


But Modi has sought to change the trend and decided to ensure that the 36 ministers of state (excluding those with independent charge) are involved with almost every aspect of decision-making. 


The PM has already changed the way governments worked in recent years and has regularly met his council of ministers to ensure that everyone is involved. But based on the feedback of two years, he has opted to revamp his administration after last week's reshuffle. Although it adds a layer to the decision making process, the move is being seen to be part of a larger political strategy.