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Successful speed trial of Talgo train at Mathura-Palwal stretch

Talgo train achieves target speed of 180 kmph during Indian Railways’ trial

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 14 2016 10:48AM | Updated Date: Jul 14 2016 9:49PM

Successful speed trial of Talgo train at Mathura-Palwal stretch

High speed trials of Talgo train were began from July 9 and several rounds of tests are going to be conducted before any decision on the use and suitability can be taken. 

Indian Railways’ Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO) is conducting the three-phase trials of Talgo’s coaches and In the latest trial, the 9-coach train achieved the target speed.
Talgo’s coaches attained a speed of 180 kmph during their speed trials between Mathura and Palwal. This is the first time that the train, being pulled by an Indian Railways engine has clocked such a high-speed.
The distance between Mathura and Palwal was covered in record time of 39 minutes. This speed is said to be the fastest till date on Indian tracks.
Today’s trial was conducted in the “coaches empty” condition, Vijay Kumar, Executive Director, Infrastructure at Railway Board told medial.
“We will now conduct the trial at the speed of 180 kmph with coaches being having full capacity. These trials will continue till roughly July 25,” Kumar said.