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Modi's Evaluation: Goyal and Gadkari are best performers

PM held lengthy 5-hour review of key ministries Health and Telecom departments need improvements

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Publish Date: Jul 2 2016 8:54AM | Updated Date: Jul 2 2016 8:56AM

Modi's Evaluation: Goyal and Gadkari are best performers

The best-performing ministries according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi are Power, headed by Piyush Goyal, and Nitin Gadkari's Roads and Highways Ministry. The report came after a five hours review that was held on Friday.


The economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das presented an updated report of each ministry work as well as their accounts. All ministries had submitted their work presentations to the economic affairs secretary.


Speculations suggest that there could be a cabinet reshuffle before PM leaves for a tour in African Nation. His tour is likely scheduled on July 7th. The exercise strategically held ahead of the PM tour.


Modi during review meeting told ministers that they need to work harder to deliver on campaign promises. They must promote and implement flagship government schemes.


To keep a check on this, the PM reportedly wants to repeat this detailed review every three months.


"The government has been announcing good schemes but the messengers (ministers and lawmakers) have not been able to take it to the public," the PM said during the council of ministers.


Apart from that ministries and departments of Home, Defence, Finance and Foreign were thoroughly discussed. Sources said that the ministries found under-performers included Health and Telecom.


PM also stressed to put quick set up of new IITs and IIMs, business and engineering colleges.