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‘Mann Ki Baat’: PM Praises Indian Scientists and Yoga

Prime Minister Modi addresses nation through 21st edition of monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat'

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Publish Date: Jun 26 2016 12:28PM | Updated Date: Jun 26 2016 12:28PM

‘Mann Ki Baat’: PM Praises Indian Scientists and Yoga

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressed the nation on Sunday through his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat'. This was the 21st edition of the programme, highlighting importance of science and Yoga.

PM began his talk saying, “Like our farmers, our scientists too are working hard to take our country to new heights. PM Narendra Modi also congratulates ISRO during and lauds the efforts of the organization.
He further added, “Academic satellite is a classic example of high ambitions of Indian youth. The two satellites built by students and launched by ISRO are very important for the country. Similar work was done by students from Chennai.”
“This satellite signifies the skills and aspirations of the youth of India. Yesterday I was in Pune where I met college students who made one of the satellites that was launched along with others a few days ago. Our scientists are working hard to take our country to new heights,” he added.
Talking about Yoga, PM said, “Yoga has the power to connect the entire world, if only each one of us connect ourselves with Yoga. International Yoga Day was celebrated at over 1 lakh places in our country with enthusiasm.”
PM further stressed on 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao'. He said entire country is supporting the campaign. People know how important their daughters are. “On 18th June, first batch of women fighter pilots inducted in Air Force, we feel very proud, I congratulate them and their families.”
“Often people criticize the idea of Mann Ki Baat but this is possible because we are in a democracy. It is our strength and we will have to always make our democratic fabric stronger. Night of 25-26th June 1975 was the darkest night for democracy,” said PM Modi.
Lastly PM Modi also urges people to give correct information on income. “Declare your undisclosed income within September 30. We will not initiate any inquiry.”
He added that no one will believe that out of 125 crore people, there are only 1.5 lakh, with a taxable income of above 50 lakh rupees.