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Scientists find a way to counter ‘jetlag’

Reducing oxygen levels from time to time in an airplane helps fight jetlag, says a study

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Oct 22 2016 2:47PM | Updated Date: Oct 22 2016 2:47PM

Scientists find a way to counter ‘jetlag’
Long sitting hours and change in time zones may leave you suffering from uneasiness called ‘jetlag’. Though, jet lag seems incurable, some scientists have found a way that can help reduce the effects of jet lag.
A study conducted on mice, reveals that reducing oxygen levels in airplane cabin many reset circadian clocks of mice helping them in adapting eating, sleeping and adapting new time easier.
The study also found a connection called ‘HIF1’ between oxygen and the circadian clock because HIF1a plays both a role in oxygen homeostasis in cells.
The research suggests that doing the same with human beings on plane may help them counter jetlag faster.