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Folinic acid may beat Autism

Folinic acid may help in improving communication skills of such children, says a study

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Publish Date: Oct 19 2016 2:56PM | Updated Date: Oct 19 2016 2:56PM

Folinic acid may beat Autism
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Children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have now got a cure that can improve their language and communication skills in form of Folinic Acid. 
The study that was conducted on autistic children by giving them high doses of folinic acid or a placebo reveals that it can enhance autistic children’s communication skills.
The study also reveals that a specific blood marker that can be used to predict which patients have the best chance to respond to the treatment.
The study shows that participants with folate receptor auto-antibodies had a more favorable response to the folinic acid treatment.
There have been many studies in this field that show that pregnant women who took folate supplements before conception in even during pregnancy are less likely to have a child with ASD. 
The study is expected to serve useful for clinicians who deal with and treat children with ASD.