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UK Scientists have a cure for HIV patients

The therapy is designed by scientists of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College etc

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Publish Date: Oct 4 2016 1:11PM | Updated Date: Oct 4 2016 1:11PM

UK Scientists have a cure for HIV patients
HIV is thought to be a no-curable medical condition worldwide but a team of scientists claim that a British man could become the first person to be cured of HIV using the therapy they have designed. 
The therapy designed by scientists and doctors of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, University College London and King’s College is a combination of standard antiretroviral drugs, another one that reactivates dormant HIV and a vaccine that induces the immune system to destroy the infected cells.
To conduct the study, around 50 people were tested out of which only one; a 44 years old man showed positive signs for treatment, though, early tests showed no signs of the virus in his blood. 
According to doctors, the person will have to wait for some months before confirmation on whether the treatment has permanently cleared the disease. 
If after months, patient shows positive signs of the treatment, we will have an irreversible cure for millions of people infected with the virus.