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To stay healthy; holiday is must

Taking a two weeks holiday alter our immune system to make it better, says a study

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Publish Date: Oct 3 2016 1:22PM | Updated Date: Oct 3 2016 1:23PM

To stay healthy; holiday is must
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Doctors often suggest taking a break from daily monotonous lives. They do it because they have a valid reason for that. It is believed that altering our living spaces may make white blood cells better prepared for infections. So, a holiday can boost your immunity and make you healthier.
According to research done by Queen Mary University of London on mice showcased that alterations to living space of mice dramatically changed their white blood cells and made them more prone to having a protective inflammatory effect.
To conduct the study, mice were first kept in normal environment of cage filled with sawdust etc. These mice were afterwards shifted to a wider cage that had wood shavings and toys, including a colored nest-box, fabric tube, running wheel and swing. 
The scientists noticed that after two weeks in the changed environment, the immune systems of mice were completely different and better prepared for fighting infections.
Moreover, the mice were not on any type of medication.
The study suggested that environment influences the function of T-cells -a type of white blood cell essential for immunity. These are the same cells that influence HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases.