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Heart diseases: Women at more risk

Consumption of fat, sugar and salt, smoking, alcohol, depression and higher sitting leads to heart diseases

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 29 2016 1:38PM | Updated Date: Sep 29 2016 1:38PM

Heart diseases: Women at more risk

 Heart disease that was once considered to be manly disease, is now gripping women as well and now women are at higher risk of developing severe heart disease today.  

According to a report by Dr SS Agarwal and Dr KK Aggarwal, due to increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of more fat, sugar and salt, smoking, alcohol as well as higher sitting leads to depression that have subsequent effects on heart health. 
As per report, presence of history of heart blockages, age over 55 years, high LDL (bad) or low HDL (good) cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease or family history of heart disease lead to increase risk of heart disease. 
Another factor that raises risk of heart diseases is menopause. Older women have been at a higher risk end for developing cardiovascular diseases. In the report, it was found that, heart disease is leading cause of death in women over age 40, especially after menopause. 
However, today, heart diseases are very well present in pre-menopausal women.