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Kids more prone to passive smoking and its hazards

In a study, some children who were still in the womb and exposed to smoking, died in infancy

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Publish Date: Sep 13 2016 1:19PM | Updated Date: Sep 13 2016 1:22PM

Kids more prone to passive smoking and its hazards

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Parents addicted to smoking now have to be cautious as their children exposed to passive smoking are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular or respiratory diseases, even more than the parents.


A study has found that the high level of toxicity in the smoke that comes from the end of a burning cigarette, or side stream smoke is a major component in passive smoking that damages the children's blood vessels.


In some cases, where children were merely infants or were still in the womb, immediate death was recorded. 


It is because, besides damaging heart and arteries, passive smoking has also been associated with other cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance etc.


Children are more vulnerable to passive smoking because they cannot control the control tobacco use in their surroundings which results in changes in blood flow, blood vessels, blood pressure and heart rhythm.


Apart from these risks, there is a chance of these children becoming smokers as to imitate their parents. 


So to deal with this, doctors suggest, encouraging adults to quit smoking is a cost-effective and health-enhancing strategy. Also, parent should try to their children a smoke free environment.