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Ill-treatment on social media serves food for depression

Young adults likely to face depression due to bullying on social media, says a study

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 10 2016 3:32PM | Updated Date: Sep 10 2016 3:38PM

Ill-treatment on social media serves food for depression
Bullying, ill-treatment, misunderstanding all such things in person may push you into depression, as everybody knows, but such things may leave same effect on young adults even if done through social media sites like Facebook.
In a research conducted by Brown University, 264 participants were tested out of which more than 80 percent experienced one Negative Facebook Experience (NFE). 
Shockingly, 24 percent of the participants reported moderate-to-severe levels of depressive symptoms. 
Further, the team discovered that people, who experienced any NFEs, experienced depressive symptoms 3.2 times greater than those who had not. 
The researchers concluded by advising people to take interactions on social media seriously and impacting. 
Suggesting a way to deal such circumstances, the researchers also advised to people who are becoming sources of such experiences.