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Chikungunya: Some facts and precautions

Did you know that the disease happens only once in a lifetime

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Publish Date: Sep 6 2016 12:28PM | Updated Date: Sep 6 2016 12:28PM

Chikungunya: Some facts and precautions

With official figures recorded to be 432 till date only in capital, Chikungunya has been gripping the country very severely. 

But someone has truly said, ‘prevention is better than cure’, so, here are some facts and precautions need to be remembered in order to fight dengue.
Facts about Chikungunya:-
1. Firstly, it is a viral fever caused by infected mosquitoes.
2. Its first 48 hours are highly discomforting.
3. As its victims may have experienced, it causes fever and serious joints pain.
4. Apart from these, it also causes rashes and swelling joints.
5. If you are planning to have a test, you need to know that its accuracy depends upon the timing.
6. Unfortunately, the disease does not have a specific cure.
7. In some cases, it becomes as fatal as dengue.
8. Around 2 percent patients have pain even after 6 months.
After these facts, there is a need to know the precautions, so some tried and tested precautions are:-
1. The first thing one can do is to cover oneself properly.
2. To maintain hygiene, scrub your hands well before eating.
3. Most importantly, don’t let mosquitoes breed, so, keep your surroundings clean.
4. Avoid outside food.
5. Add healthy soups to your diet.
6. Home made mosquito repellants should be used. People can make them with almond oil and neem oil.