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Lack of key enzyme found in alcoholics

Lack of this enzyme tends to intensify the desire of consuming alcohol in drunkards

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Publish Date: Aug 31 2016 12:22PM | Updated Date: Aug 31 2016 2:41PM

Lack of key enzyme found in alcoholics

 Alcohol, infamous for causing liver and kidney failures has given us another reason to quit it. 

In people with regular alcohol intake and dependence, the production of key enzyme PRDM2 stops which consequently leads to continued alcohol despite fatal consequences, says a study.
Research published in the journal 'Molecular Psychiatry' was conducted on rats to test the functioning of PRDM2 in alcoholic people.
According to the researchers, PRDM2 is the main enzyme that controls the expression of several genes that are necessary for effective signalling between nerve cells.
The team has shown that alcohol dependence in rats leads to a down-regulation of PRDM2 production, which, in turn, leads to disruption of impulse control.
This means, deficiency of this enzyme leads to restrict effective signals sent from the cells that are supposed to stop the impulse.
According to the researchers, lack of this enzyme in alcoholics tends to intensify the desire of consuming alcohol.