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Dengue vaccine to be introduced in India by WHO

India recorded 8,307 cases and 10 dengue deaths from across the country till June 28

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Publish Date: Aug 8 2016 1:24PM | Updated Date: Aug 8 2016 1:24PM

Dengue vaccine to be introduced in India by WHO
Every year, India encounters multiple Dengue cases and every year the cases take a steep increase. This is not just case of India but there are many other countries, suffering from the same. If this keeps on happening, such countries may see it has another epidemic.
So to avoid this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended introduction of dengue vaccine in countries including India, which lift high burden of the disease. 
Interestingly, two months ago, an apex committee on health, headed by the health secretary, denied the approval to a multinational company, who wanted to test the vaccine on Indian patients. 
This happened as the government of India and the regulator felt that efficacy of the drug may differ in this population.
According to ‘The Times of India’, the data presented by the company showed efficacy rate of around 43%, whereas at least 70% is required for approval in India.
Moreover, the vaccine is approved in four countries including Mexico, Indonesia and Brazil.
Unfortunately, India has recorded 8,307 cases and at least 10 deaths from dengue from across the country till June 28. 
Delhi recorded 120 cases by end of July and last year the city saw a shocking 15,867 dengue cases, the worst in 20 years with the disease claiming 60 lives.