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Toothpastes may kill you along with germs

Most of the toothpastes we use contain tricolsan, an endocrine disrupting chemical

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Publish Date: Aug 4 2016 2:56PM | Updated Date: Aug 4 2016 3:13PM

Toothpastes may kill you along with germs
Toothpaste has become a very important part of our lifestyle. The first thing we do after getting up is to brush our teeth with toothpastes available in the markets. There are different toothpastes in the markets for different purposes, be it whitening or reduction of sensitivity. But basic function of all toothpastes is to clean the teeth. 
Well toothpastes may clean our teeth properly but a recent study has shown that it may leave side effects due to high levels of triclosan, an endocrine disrupting chemical in our toothpastes. 
The study took 11 samples each of toothpaste and soap, collected from different markets in Delhi and sent to the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research.
As a result, in 72.8% of samples tested to determine the levels of the antifungal antibacterial agent present in them, showed tricolsan.
Tricolsan can lead to liver problems, depression and cancer and is being phased out in several countries.
Fortunately, toothpastes and soaps are meant for cleaning purposes and are for external use, the intake of toxins is low because most of it washes away but this is how it enters drainage system subsequently entering environment chain and affects plants and wildlife.