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Survived Heart Attack, Cancer may be on the way

People who developed heart failure after first heart attack are more likely to form cancer

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Publish Date: Jul 18 2016 1:04PM | Updated Date: Jul 18 2016 1:04PM

Survived Heart Attack, Cancer may be on the way

 Cancer is considered as one of the most fatal diseases of all times and so as heart attacks. Even separately, these two diseases are enough to kill a person. Moreover, there has been no association or connection between the diseases. 

But according to some studies, today there can be a connection between the two. In fact, in a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, there is an increased risk of cancer in those people who developed heart failure after their first heart attack.
To conduct the study, the researchers chose to compare those with and without heart failure after heart attack and looked at records for 1,081 patients who had their first heart attack between November 2002 and December 2010.
In the study, 228 patients were diagnosed with heart failure out of which, 28 had developed cancer.
In order to get to the root cause of such developments, the influence of medication on cancer diagnosis was also studied. 
Interestingly, treatment for heart attack did not come out to be responsible for the higher rate of cancer in heart failure patients.
Researchers have suggested the physicians to recognize this increased cancer risk for heart failure patients and follow guidelines recommended for surveillance and early detection of the disease.