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Kids watching TV for long a matter of concern

Apart from eyesight, it can also affect bones of children, says a study

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 16 2016 5:11PM | Updated Date: Jul 16 2016 5:11PM

Kids watching TV for long a matter of concern
Watching TV for long by children has always been a matter of concern for parents. Parents have always scolded their children for watching TV for long because it is harmful for eyesight. 
But a recent research in the field has given another reason to reduce TV watching time.
According to the research, watching TV for long can also weaken bone density. 
The research was conducted in Glaslow Caledonian University of UK. The research focused on participants of age 20 that used to watch TV for long hours.
In the research, children and teens followed until age 20, when bone mass is peaking, had lower bone mass at that age the more hours they had spent watching TV in childhood.
At age 20 the participants had X-ray scans to assess bone mineral content.
The researchers accounted for height, body mass, physical activity, calcium intake, vitamin D levels, alcohol, and smoking at age 20, and still found that kids who were consistently high-level TV watchers at younger ages had lower bone mineral content than others as adults.
The research showed that longer the time of watching TV, lesser was the density of bones.