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Take Iron and Zinc to enhance memory

The deficiency of iron and zinc in regular diet may lead to memory loss, says a study

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 12 2016 1:26PM | Updated Date: Jul 12 2016 1:26PM

Take Iron and Zinc to enhance memory
Adding minerals to our diet had always been a healthy option. Our parents have told us many times to eat spinach because it is rich in iron. 
A new research tells the same story.
Pediatrics department of Umaid Hospital has revealed that deficiency of minerals like iron and zinc has been weakening the memory of the school children.
The study was done on 101 children aging between 6-11 years. The study was basically done on children from two government schools.
The one yearlong study revealed that 18.7% children were iron deficient and 12.8% children were zinc deficient that was consecutively which was weakening their memory.
Doctors disclosed that after getting consent from the school administration and parents, blood tests were conducted on these children for checking the level of iron and zinc in their body.
Then the children went through memory tests that were based on subjects like English, mathematics, statistic and visual arts. 
After the researchers found deficiency of iron and zinc to be responsible for memory loss, the children were given enough iron and zinc that strengthened their memory. 
According to the doctors, the deficiency was because of lack of nutrition rich foods like vegetables, fruits and chapattis etc.