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Cases of drug-resistant tuberculosis rising

More than 20 lakh children infected globally raising concern for medical science

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 28 2016 3:22PM | Updated Date: Jun 28 2016 3:23PM

Cases of drug-resistant tuberculosis rising

A shocking study reveals a rise in a peculiar type of drug-resistant tuberculosis among children across the globe.According to the researchers from the University of Sheffield, Imperial College London, and the World Health Organisation, more than 67 million children were infected by Mycobacterium tuberculosis with 850,000 developing active disease.


The global burden of the disease also has important implications for the TB control programme. The adverse effects of second-line anti-TB drugs and the prolonged treatment have become greater than before thus making it difficult to manage these children. 


Raised to the level of a serious health problem, the highest number of children diagnosed with TB were reported in Africa and Southeast Asia, but the World Health Organisation Eastern Mediterranean region, European region, and Western Pacific region are also among those who contribute substantially to the burden of drug-resistant TB because of their much higher proportions of resistance.


A report published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, a medical journal, says that drug0-resistant children who are identified must be taken into consideration urgently as there is a need for appropriate treatment as well as drug-susceptibility testing. The findings from this testing can help in treating and hence curing this disease worldwide.