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In conversation with Dr KH Sancheti

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Publish Date: Jun 14 2016 3:34PM | Updated Date: Jun 14 2016 3:34PM

In conversation with Dr KH Sancheti

Dr KH Sancheti, renowned orthopedic surgeon of the country and Dr BC Roy National Awardee presently serving as Chief Orthopedic Surgeon at Sancheti Hospital and Centre for Joint Replacement Surgery, Pune.

Dr KH Sancheti has been honored with Dr BC Roy National Award for the year 2009 under the category of ‘Medical man-cum-Statesman’. Dr KK Aggarwal, Editor in Chief eMedinewS and IMA News had a brief discussion with Dr KH Sancheti.
How does it feel being conferred one of the most prestigious awards in the medical field?
Dr Sancheti replied, it is indeed most pleasurable to be recognized and honored by your own colleagues and this has made me immensely happy. The recognitions by Government and other luminaries in the society fail in front of recognition and applause from your own peers, making this the happiest moment in my life.
Tell us about your journey so far. What were the early challenges faced by you in your career? How did you manage to overcome them?
I was born on 24th July 1936, in a small trader family and at a tender age of 12, I had to work to pay my tuition fees both at school as well as college.  I used to live in a 10 x 10 room in a chawl, which had 22 tenants, added Dr Sancheti.
He further shared the lessons of honesty, integrity and to be kind and humble to people have been imbibed in me from my parents. Values like discipline, hard work, honesty and humility are something that I believed in shaped up my being.
Having completed my education from New English School, Ramanbaug and then at the Fergusson College, I went on to complete my medical studies from the very famous BJ Medical College, Pune, shared Dr Sancheti.