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Skin cells to be converted into RBCs

The study is beneficial for those who are suffering from anemia or insufficient red blood cells

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Publish Date: Jun 7 2016 1:22PM | Updated Date: Jun 7 2016 1:22PM

Skin cells to be converted into RBCs
With more than 2 billion people suffering from anemia, it has become one of the most common diseases. Loss of blood cells, lack of blood cells can further lead to many diseases. 
But now, the scientists have found a way to unlock the genetic code of skin cells and re-program them to start producing red blood cells. 
This research can lead to increase blood cells that can lead to an increase in personalized blood cells which is basically serve as a potion for the patients suffering from anemia. 
The research team wanted to find out how the cells open the chapter that contains instructions on how to produce red blood cells.
Every individual has a unique genetic code, which is a complete instruction manual describing exactly how all the cells in the body are formed.
The researchers introduced different combinations of over 60 genes into the skin cells’ genome and successfully they converted the skin cells into red blood cells. 
The study showed that out of 20,000 genes, only four are necessary to reprogram skin cells to start producing red blood cells. Also, all four are necessary in order for it to work.