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Over 70% respondents ignore warnings on cigarette packets

In a survey it was found that work-related stress & peer-pressure are the reasons for people to start smoking

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: May 30 2016 4:13PM | Updated Date: May 30 2016 4:13PM

Over 70% respondents ignore warnings on cigarette packets

Even as the debate over the size of warnings on cigarette packets continues to evoke strong reactions, smokers seem to have made up their mind as an overwhelming 72% of respondents say that pictorial warnings or plain packaging would have little impact on their habit.


In a recent survey in which people were asked what's their stand on smoking? They said they do not care where the packet is plain or printed with warning.


In polls 41% of them said that a stricter imposition on banning smoking in public places would be widely appreciated.


It is worrisome to note then that 53% of the respondents polled stated that they are exposed to some part of passive smoking on a daily basis with a higher percentage (80%) getting exposed at least once a week.


Work-related stress (35%) and peer-pressure (38%) were among the chief reasons for people to take up smoking with 49% of the respondents stating it has become a habit hard to quit.


Though a small percentage, but it is worth stating that 20% of the respondents felt that smoking is 'just another habit' which in moderation should not cause any problems.