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Women, beware of these silent heart attacks

Silent heart attacks kill more women, however trouble more men – says a study

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Publish Date: May 17 2016 2:09PM | Updated Date: May 17 2016 2:09PM

Women, beware of these silent heart attacks

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Death is not biased towards anyone but probably the deaths due to silent heart attacks are. 

Silent heart attacks unfortunately trouble more men but simultaneously kill more women. 

According to a study conducted in United States, women with silent heart attacks were 58 percent more likely to die compared to women with no heart attacks, whereas the mortality rate for men with a silent heart attack was only 23 percent higher than for men without a heart attack.

The study was conducted on many people from whom half of the participants were followed for more than 13 years. During that time, 317 people had silent heart attacks and another 386 had heart attacks with classic symptoms that are easier to spot.

However, men are more likely to fall prey to these attacks, these attacks kill women more.



Out of 1,833 deaths during the study, 189 were related to heart issues.

The deaths due to heart attacks mainly occur because people typically don’t seek medical advice because they don’t realize anything is wrong.

So, to be on a safer side it’s crucial that people take symptoms of discomfort seriously, whether it’s slight pain in the chest or jaw or difficulty breathing or heartburn seriously.