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Want healthy employees, treat them fairly

Those who experienced more fairness on average reported better health, says a research

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: May 12 2016 1:10PM | Updated Date: May 12 2016 1:10PM

Want healthy employees, treat them fairly
When your boss shouts at you, it feels annoying. But it becomes intolerable when the same boss treats your colleague in the way you dream your boss should treat you. 
It just does not affect an employs ability of working but can also affect his/her health, says a study.
All the bosses should know. Right isn’t it?
A research was conducted by Britain’s University of East Anglia. The study was based on 5800 people working in Sweden. Participants were asked to rate their general state of health on a scale from one to five, one being 'very good' and five being 'very poor'.
The findings showed that when perceptions of fairness changed, the self-rated health of employees also changed. Those who experienced more fairness on average reported better health.
"Our study provides a thorough examination of how fairness at the workplace and health of employees is related over time,” Constanze Eib, lecturer at Britain's University of East Anglia was quoted as saying in the media.
As fairness at work is directly related to psychological work environment, greater fairness at work can improve employees’ health.
"People who feel fairly treated are not only more likely to be motivated at work and go the extra mile for their organisation, but they are also more likely to be healthy, have an active lifestyle and feel positive," Eib added.
The team of researchers investigated the aspects like rewards, pay, promotion and assignments given to the employees.
The results are detailed in the Journal of Work, Environment and Health. 
This study is likely to raise awareness among the employees and the authorities to consider the treatment at the place of work as one of the aspects related directly to the health and can also encourage them towards increasing satisfaction, well-being and productivity in the workplace and wider.