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5 exercise that you can do at your office

Miss going to gym or on jog due to hectic work schedules then try these simple exercises in your office

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Publish Date: Apr 11 2016 1:14PM | Updated Date: Apr 11 2016 1:14PM

5 exercise that you can do at your office

 Miss hitting the gym or going for a jog with your hectic work schedule? Make the most of your time in office with these simple exercises.

Stretching at the workplace
The easiest of all, stretching can be extremely relieving. Stretch your back by placing your left hand on your right shoulder and vice versa. Similarly, to release your upper back, sit up tall in your chair and stretch your arms overhead. Interlock your fingers and turn the palms to the ceiling by lifting your chin up. Tilt your head back and gaze up at the ceiling.
Hamstring curls
Make use of your desk by taking its support, bend your arms at the elbow and bring one foot up toward your rear end as your straighten your arms. Foot up, hands down, it is great since you don't have to be worried about anyone noticing it. Besides strengthening your hamstrings, it also helps tone your hip muscles. Work up a minimum of 10 repetitions.
Desk push-ups
Another exercise centered around your desk, push-ups help in strengthening your triceps and shoulders. Make sure that your desk is strong, place your hands on the desk and walk backwards and lower your chest at the desk to do push-ups. Repeat at least 15 times.
Arm curves
Better than doing nothing at all is to carry your dumbbells to office and stash it in your drawers. While you're on your song or social media breaks, bring them out and tone your muscles. For effective results, perform three sets of 12 repetitions.
Replace your chair with a stability ball Sitting on a chair can lead to a poor posture and reduces your core strength. By replacing your chair with a stability ball, which requires slight muscle contractions of the core, hip and legs, it helps in toning these muscles. While it can get uncomfortable, you can keep alternating between the two.