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NGO rescues Cobras from snake charmers

The snakes were suffering the difficult life of exploitation and torture

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Publish Date: Oct 4 2016 4:40PM | Updated Date: Oct 4 2016 4:40PM

NGO rescues Cobras from snake charmers

Four cobras were seized from a snake charmer near Munirka, New Delhi by Wildlife SOS NGO. The snakes were released back into their natural habitat, shortly after.


A wildlife lover reported about a snake charmer who was spotted in a residential colony in Munirka, New Delhi.


Enraged by the sight of the man exploiting the snakes to entertain the public, the concerned person reported the incident to the Wildlife SOS. 


A two member team of expert snake rescuers rushed to the location to intercept the snake charmer and seize the cobras.


As cobras are highly venomous, the snake charmer had extracted their fangs and venom glands leaving them helpless and unable to defend themselves. 


Cobra is one of the four venomous snake species to be found in the Indian subcontinent. Despite being a protected species they continue to be exposed to several threats and dangers. 


Vidyanand Sharma, who placed the call, said “I saw the snake charmer wandering about the area with three snake baskets in hand. He was displaying the cobras and torturing them.  I was furious by this sight and contacted the NGO.”


Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said, "Due to various myths and superstitions associated with cobras, this species is extensively exploited by poachers and snake charmers.”


Capturing snakes and using them for display and entertainment, is banned and a jailable offence under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.


This species is also a victim of illegal wildlife trade due to the popular demand for their venom, skin and body parts in the international black market."