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Shockingly Large Python rescued in Agra

In an operation by Wildlife SOS rapid response unit a 13.5 foot long python rescued

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Sep 29 2016 4:20PM | Updated Date: Sep 29 2016 4:20PM

Shockingly Large Python rescued in Agra

Indian Rock Python, weighing nearly 24 kilograms was rescued from a CNG testing station in Runakta, on the Agra - Mathura Highway. The massive constrictor was severely injured and is currently undergoing treatment. It will be released back in to its natural habitat, once deemed fit.


The Wildlife SOS rapid response unit received an emergency call on their 24 hr helpline number about an enormous python. The python was spotted in the premises of a CNG testing station, near Dolphin Water Park in Runakta, Agra – Mathura Highway.


The massive constrictor had reportedly taken up shelter in the bushes and fearing for the safety of the staff, the manager immediately contacted Wildlife SOS for assistance. A team comprising of three trained snake rescuers arrived at the site and upon careful observation, discovered that it had sustained several injuries on its body.


The distressed python was under immense pain and it took almost 30 minutes for them to successfully carry out the rescue operation. Varun Kumar, the Manager at the testing station, said, “The staff heard a rustling noise coming from the bushes and decided to take a closer look.


“They were shocked and terrified by the unexpected sight of the gigantic reptile and immediately reported the incident to us,” he added.


Dr. M.V Sharma, Veterinary Officer, Wildlife SOS, said, “The python has several cuts all over its body and has sustained some serious tissue damage under the lower jaw.”


“We believe that the injuries were caused by the sharp barbed wires along the boundary walls. We had given the necessary treatment and have sutured the deep gash on its neck,” said Dr Sharma.


Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder Wildlife SOS said, “The python was injured but still very active and therefore, our team had to be extremely careful so as to avoid alarming or hurting it.”


“Sensitive rescues such as this one require patience and skill and we have professionally trained rescuers who are experienced in handling such critical rescues.” The Indian Rock Python is a large nonvenomous python species.