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Aquatic drone could help clean up India's rivers

The Water Shark, a garbage-grabbing robot, is being tested in the Netherlands

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 15 2016 3:53PM | Updated Date: Sep 15 2016 3:53PM

Aquatic drone could help clean up India's rivers

It’s a vacuum cleaner for the rivers, a drone that will pick up garbage in the water. Richard Hardiman, a South African entrepreneur, has built a small water-based drone that he claims can collect up to 500 kilos of waste in its basket, which goes down to a foot beneath the water's surface.


This car-sized aquatic drone could help clean up India's rivers. The robot has given a name, Water Shark. Hardiman has built four of these prototypes, which the Port of Rotterdam Authority in the Netherlands are going to test out.


The drones have a large mouth below the surface of the water that they use to pick up garbage. Since the drones are autonomous, they don't need to be controlled and can instead travel around to collect the trash.


Meanwhile, the robots also collect data about the water and can plan out different routes to take while cleaning.


The robots will have to navigate all the various objects they might come across in the water, avoid boats and human beings and actually pick up trash in a useful manner.