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Giant panda ‘Vulnerable’, not ‘Endangered’

Population of panda has jumped from 1596 to 1864 due to the efforts of Chinese agencies

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 12 2016 3:39PM | Updated Date: Sep 12 2016 3:56PM

Giant panda ‘Vulnerable’, not ‘Endangered’
Due to combined efforts of aggressive conservation, giant panda, who also happens to be one of the symbols of China, is no more on the endangered list. 
Instead of ‘endangered’, the giant panda is now considered as ‘vulnerable’ as a result of its growing numbers in the wild in southern China. 
According to a report of International Union for Conservation of Nature, population of panda has jumped from 1596 to 1864 due to the sincere efforts of Chinese agencies to enforce poaching bans and expand forest reserves.
However, it is the fruit of Chinese government’s efforts to save wild pandas and breed them at enormous cost only that the numbers have increased but this effort has invited criticism as well that money could be better spent saving other animals facing extinction.