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Cobra snake rescued from the MNC

The snake was found to be in good health and was released back into the wild

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Sep 6 2016 5:39PM | Updated Date: Sep 6 2016 5:41PM

Cobra snake rescued from the MNC

A four-foot-long cobra was rescued by the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit from the processing plant of electronics giant LG, in Greater Noida. The snake was found to be in good health and has been released back into its natural habitat, shortly after.


It turned out to be quite a shocking day for the employees of LG Electronics when they discovered a cobra, lurking in their factory premises, located in Greater Noida. Fearing for their lives, the authorities immediately reported the incident to the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit on their 24-hr helpline number.


A two-member team was promptly dispatched to the location and upon arrival requested the staff to maintain a safe distance from the agitated cobra so as to avoid any unnecessary accidents. They then successfully extricated the four-foot-long snake with utmost care and transferred in to a safety container.


The Indian cobra also known as the spectacled cobra is one of the four venomous snake species to be found in the Indian subcontinent. They are revered in Indian mythology and culture and are listed under Schedule II of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972.


A member of the Wildlife SOS rescue team said, “The snake was quite defensive and flared its hood at us the moment it sensed that we were trying to capture it. After requesting the staff to clear the area as a safety precaution, we managed to carefully lure the large reptile into a safe transport container.”


Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder of Wildlife SOS said, “When dealing with venomous snakes such as the common cobra, it is extremely important to keep them calm and maintain public safety to avoid unnecessary accidents. Sometimes these rescue operations can be dangerous and risky, but our team is trained to handle and carry out such sensitive operations, in the interest of public safety and protection of urban wildlife.”