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Wildlifer objects to PCCF order to kill sloth bear

Singhvi said that the order also violates Section 11 (1) of the Wildlife Conservation Act

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Publish Date: Sep 1 2016 2:16PM | Updated Date: Sep 1 2016 2:16PM

Wildlifer objects to PCCF order to kill sloth bear

Reacting over the recent orders by principal chief conservator of forest to kill the sloth bear  a wildlife activist on Tuesday said that the decision has been taken without 'application of mind'. 


Reportedly the bear had mauled two persons to death and injured nearly half a dozen people last week.


Demanding to impose Section 144 of CrPC, wildlife enthusiast Nitin Singhvi has written to PCCF saying that it's not that the bear which had ventured into villages but the locals went into its territory and got killed.


Citing the reason that it was too difficult to tranquilize the animal and cage it, PCCF ordered the divisional forest officer of Koriya to identify and kill it as there was no option left.


PCCF has quoted in the copy of order that sloth bear belongs to Schedule 1 category of the Wildlife Conservation Act 1972 and as per Section 11 (1) (A), he exercises his power to order killing the animal as it has turned dangerous to human life.


Meanwhile, wildlife enthusiast Nitin Singhvi wrote to PCCF stating that his orders stand void as the rule in Section 11 says that PCCF is supposed to give direct orders to kill the Schedule 1 animal and he can't authorize a person to give further orders.


Singhvi said that there was a need to impose Section 144 of CrPC to prevent people venturing in the forest to become prey to the animal, this will also save life of a Schedule-1 animal as well as prevent human-animal conflict in the region.


According to forest officials, state lacks a concrete solution to problems of human-animal conflict which is rising by each day.