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500 birds hurt in 3 days due to kite thread

As many as 500 birds injured by ‘manjha’ were treated at the hospital within three days in Delhi

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Aug 17 2016 1:35PM | Updated Date: Aug 17 2016 1:35PM

500 birds hurt in 3 days due to kite thread

The ‘Manjha’ or the kite strings that have glass shreds in it or made of nylon are causing death casualties for the birds. Within Delhi state more than 500 birds were hurt by the ‘Manjhas’.


The Jain Temple Charitable Bird Hospital, opposite the Red Fort, was under tremendous strain the last three days. As many as 500 birds injured by manjha were treated at the hospital.


The number of casualties is only expected to rise. Sunil Jain, manager of the hospital said, “The number is likely to cross 1,000 by the end of this week. This is a frightening scenario.”


The string that carries kites in the sky is also responsible for crippling and killing a lot of birds every year. “The ‘manjha’ made with glass powder-treated string, also called Chinese string, gets entangled around trees, and kills birds,” says Jain.


He adds that the commonly injured birds are eagles, pigeons and parrots. They usually receive cuts in the neck region and wings.


Old Delhi sees the maximum number of cases, he added. The hospital treats nearly 30,000 birds every year. The authorities say that August and early September are the worst months for birds.


Wildlife SOS co-founder Kartick Satyanarayan said on the issue, “Manjha claims the lives of countless birds in India every year. We recently rescued a pigeon from outside the Rohini metro station, whose left wing had been injured badly by the coarse string.’’