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India is exhausting natural resources way too much

India comes third on the list of ecological footprints after China and USA, a report says

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Publish Date: Aug 9 2016 3:08PM | Updated Date: Aug 9 2016 3:08PM

India is exhausting natural resources way too much
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released the world exhausted nature’s budget of natural resources according to which India marks to be the third largest country in the world in terms of exhausting natural resources.
The country comes after China and USA on the list of ecological footprints.
According to WWF, a country’s ecological footprint is the sum of all the cropland, grazing land, forest and fishing grounds required to produce the food, fibre and timber it consumes, to absorb the wastes emitted when it uses energy and to provide space for infrastructure. 
So, basically ecological footprint is the measure of the impact humans have on the environment.
According to the report, the cropland and forests footprints were highest in India’s ecological footprints by the decade of 1980’s but later on by 2000s; carbon footprint took over their places. Presently the carbon footprint of India happens to be 53 per cent of the country’s overall Ecological Footprint. 
These footprints can lead to soil erosion, desertification, reduced cropland productivity, overgrazing, deforestation, rapid species extinction and much more.