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Living exotic pets being sold as things

Exotic birds or pedigree and mixed-breed pups can be seen smashed in the cage

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Jul 23 2016 4:19PM | Updated Date: Jul 23 2016 4:19PM

Living exotic pets being sold as things

Gudri Bazaar in Agra is a flea market. Always buzzing with people, the market is different from others because people sell and buy living breathing animals, mostly exotic one. 

The market opens between 6am and 10am, about three to four days in a week. People come here to buy a range of pet animals - from exotic birds to pedigree and mixed-breed pups, which mostly can be seen, crammed in small cages.
Other animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and cats whimper inside tightly shut baskets. One may also find illegal exotic birds there, available in a wide variety including cockatiels, African macaws and finches, on sale. All are crammed in cramped wire cages with little space to perch or spread their wings. 
The cruelty doesn’t end here, in another kiosk, chicks, spray-painted in bright neon colors were stockpiled in the cardboard box like cookies in a jar. Each costs Rs 5, attracting children. Traders refuse to tell where they procure pedigree animals and exotic birds.
The market is not limited to pet lovers; pet dealers bought them for their pet shope at wholesale rates. Animals as young as 25 days old are sold here. Many are not vaccinated and traders don’t have license to sell them.
Gudri Bazaar is not registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India. Activists say it is an illegal market and must shut down. NGO people try to stop the traders but failed mostly. Police, however avoid going inside the market.