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NGO rescued a venomous snake from a factory

The Wildlife SOS rapid response unit rescued a Common Krait from a factory in Noida

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Jul 22 2016 3:53PM | Updated Date: Jul 22 2016 4:42PM

NGO rescued a venomous snake from a factory

A caller alerted the Wildlife SOS organisation rapid response team about the presence of a snake in a garment factory in Noida. A team comprising of two snake rescue experts was immediately dispatched to the location.


The snake was identified as a common krait (Bungarus caeruleus), a venomous snake species which is widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent. It is considered to be one of the four most venomous snake species in India.


Venom of Common Krait is considered to be medically useful and so it comes under venom trade with high demand and price. In many parts of its range it is exploited for edible and skin trade.


“After ensuring that everyone was at a safe distance from the snake, the team managed to carefully transfer it into a transport container,” informed Suvidha Bhatnagar, Communication Officer – Wildlife SOS.


Harshad, a member of the rescue team told Policy Pulse, “By the time we arrived at the location, the factory owner had put a box over the snake to prevent it from wandering. After ensuring that everyone was at a safe distance from the snake, we managed to carefully lure it into a safe transport container.”


Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder of Wildlife SOS said, “This particular snake species is commonly found in close proximity to water. They seldom bite and feed on other snakes, rodents, frogs and lizards.”


“However, when dealing with venomous snakes, it is important to keep them very calm and maintain public safety to avoid unnecessary accidents,” he added. The snake was found in good health and was released back in to its natural habitat.