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‘Extinct Bird’ Found After 178 Years

The rare sighting raised hopes that more "extinct" species will be rediscovered

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Jun 8 2016 1:18PM | Updated Date: Jun 8 2016 1:19PM

‘Extinct Bird’ Found After 178 Years

Conservationists beamed with joy when the Red-Faced Liocichla, a bird that previously thought to be extinct, was rediscovered by a group of British ornithologists on a bird-watching trip in the Nepalese forest.

"We were excited when we first spotted a pair of Red-Faced Liocichla in the forest. The sighting of the bird after more than a century and a half has raised hopes of finding more such species that have not been sighted for a very long time," said Hem Sagar Baral, one of the birdwatchers.
"It is a very shy kind of bird and is mostly solitary, sometimes found in pairs and small flocks," Baral further added. 
The bird was found 1,800 meters above sea level and often lives in the leaves of trees and bamboo. The last sighting of the red cheeked bird was recorded in 178 years ago. In Nepal, 167 out of 878 bird species are currently endangered due to climate change, habitat loss and environmental degradation.
In India too, bird watchers and conservationists are trying to find the extinct birds such as Pink Headed Duck and critically endangered birds including Jerdon’s Courser, Great Indian Bustard, Bengal Florican etc.
Talking to Policy Pulse, Sumant Mali, one of researcher who is struggling to find Jerdon’s Courser bird said, “People are in high hopes after the rediscovery of the Red-Faced Liocichla bird. We have placed sophisticated night vision cameras and other equipment in the fields too and we are hopeful that J Courser may also be sighted the same way.”