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Social media helping to save the Environment

From volunteers groups to NGO pages, people are being aware regarding conservational cause

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: May 25 2016 4:18PM | Updated Date: May 25 2016 4:30PM

Social media helping to save the Environment

Social media has been used in various ways to spread the words regarding save the environmental causes and projects, but little people know that it is working in different ways which can really benefit the environment.

On one hand technological advances are detrimental for the earth and environment but advancement of social media helping the environment. There is no doubt that social media has become a huge part of the daily lives of people. 
“Starting with the use of e-cards and e-mails, through social media, we are actually saving paper and reducing the chances of tree cutting. Some may only have the purpose of connecting with friends and relatives, while others may see it as an opportunity to fully express their selves,” said Kanika Mohan, an environmental enthusiast. 
“Social media also an active zone where people share their views on popular topics, related with conservation, environment, animal protection etc. Micro-blogging sites offer groups and pages so that people with similar perspectives may mingle and share the common ideas with one another,” she further added.
“I prefer using hashtag and picture sharing on different sites where people may understand why we need to protect our environment. I also appreciate the fact that people can actually connect with each other virtually and save lots of time, energy and ‘fuel’ due to social media,” said Yogesh Dubey, an environment-friendly social media aficionado.
“Different non-governmental and volunteer groups use the wide connections of social media to publicize and spread their goals. Many governmental laws and resolutions have been criticized in social media, forcing authorities to reconsider their actions, and this is a real big step,” he added.