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Extinct herb found in eastern Himalayas

Pedicularis humilis, extinct herb rediscovered by the Chinese Botanists

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Publish Date: May 17 2016 4:01PM | Updated Date: May 17 2016 4:01PM

Extinct herb found in eastern Himalayas

Hengduan Mountains in the eastern Himalayas of China has found Pedicularis humilis spreaded all over spreaded there.


Categorised as extinct, the species was collected only once, in 1913 by George Forest of the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens, Xinhua, quoted by Li Rong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming botany institute as saying.


About 300 plants were found at three separate sites in alpine meadows at an altitude of 3,200 metres in the Gaoligong Mountains, a sub-range of the Hengduans, Li said.


The findings were published in "Oryx, The International Journal of Conservation."


Li also mentioned main threats to the species are the small population and human encroachment on its habitat.


Several Studies are being carried out on the herb's relationship to other P humilis to better understand the micro-evolution in the species.