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‘Stop selling protected animals online’

Wildlife community appeals Amazon to remove list of protected specimens, hunting equipment

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: May 16 2016 2:45PM | Updated Date: May 16 2016 2:45PM

‘Stop selling protected animals online’

Delhi is known to be a transit point for illegal wildlife trafficking, but little do you expect that you could order protected wildlife sea horses, star fish, and butterflies at the click of a mouse online from

The list is sadly long and shocking - Amazon offers a sickening array of wildlife trophies, snares and manuals on hunting – including alligator heads, preserved snakes, butterflies, starfish, rare beetles and seahorses, along with dangerous trapping and killing devices like snares. You could have all this delivered to your door step.
“Traps and Snares that amazon is selling on its website are indiscriminate killing products that will kill anything from a hare, porcupine to a leopard or even tiger,” Said Suvidha Bhatnagar, spokesperson of Wildlife SOS.
“Yet, these devices are not only easily available, but are being sold on one of the world’s leading online retailers, not just in the USA, but also in India where all wild animals are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and hunting is illegal,” she added. 
Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women and Child Development also said, “We are struggling to protect our wildlife and make this country safer for animals, yet we have a giant like Amazon, selling wildlife specimens and animal traps that directly contribute to the slaughter of rare animals.”
Geeta Seshamani, Co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said “We recently rescued a three-month old sloth bear cub Rose, who lost her limb because of a snare like the ones that amazon, sells on their website. The snare tore off her left forelimb and left her severely injured and handicapped for the rest of her life.”
“Witnessing the trauma of this bear cub solidified our conviction that snares are the cruelest hunting devices, and we were horrified when we discovered that a reputable company like Amazon is selling wildlife trapping equipment like snares online, as well as instruction manuals on how to make your own snares. We urge amazon to stop doing this,” she added.
Wildlife SOS has just launched a petition asking Amazon to stop selling snares and other items that encourage or propagate maiming, hunting and killing of wildlife, and the petition has since then gathered nearly 7,000 signatures, with animal lovers across the globe expressing their outrage and vowing to boycott the retailer.