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Policies should be developed to protect plant species

One of the biggest factors threatening plant species in India is the destruction of habitats

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: May 11 2016 3:41PM | Updated Date: May 11 2016 3:49PM

Policies should be developed to protect plant species

As per the assessment of flora in various parts of India it was found that numbers of plant individual are decreased way too down, if not completely eroded. From last 10 years the destruction of plants species is amplified due to lack of policies in administration and awareness among people.


As per the reports India has more than 45 thousand species of plants out of which 33 percent are native in India. Botanist Dr S Dantu claimed that these native plants are on the verge of extinction because of series of threatening factors including habitat destruction, excessive deforestation etc.


Talking to Policy Pulse Dr Dantu said, “Native species means these plants that can only grow in India. If the species got extinct then there is a lesser possibility to bring back the original plant in wild.”


“Due to many factors, these plants are becoming vulnerable with time. Development of certain up to date policies with standardization of the facts can help in recovering these species,” he added.


Talking about the administration level policy development Dr Dhantu said, “We need strong commitment from the government level. It is not only about plant but the ethnicity of India.”


“These plants are use to be the part of ancient India and we need to protect them for their value of time. What government can do is first of all marked the species that are engendered and need immediate projection. Qualified research can work for the government to fulfill the task,” he added.


“Then we need experts to make policies for the over all protection of these plants,” shared Dr Dantu.


What is the over all protection, Policy correspondent asked, “Over all protection covers, protection of plants habitats, associate species and awareness among people so that if one tree dies, people can actually plant more,” he shared.


Plants that are once use to be spread in the vast area and now standing on the verge of danger includes several trees, flowering plants, herbs, shrubs and even micro plant.